A Summer To Remember!

The sun might not have been out for long, but our team certainly was!


After months of planning and preparation, we were finally able to kickstart the project with our Brotherhood Hub!

It is no secret that youth clubs are becoming rarer by the second, tackling this issue was a key focus for the Hub. Providing a safe space for young black males in West Bromwich throughout the summer, was something the lads at Brotherhood had been building towards and wanted to get right.

Group of young people walking as part of the reservoir trip for the brotherhood collective

Brotherhood not only provided an outlet for young people, but delivered a summer schedule filled to the brim with culture enrichment, education, and entertainment. Although there was an emphasis placed on taking the young people outside of their comfort zone, it had to be juggled with a sense of collective enthusiasm.

We can proudly say that whether it was through taking them to Edgbaston Reservoir for a kayaking experience or food tasting of different cultures, we maintained an interest throughout which not only saw excellent participant retention, but a gradual increase right down to the final session of the summer!

“Witnessing the personal growth of the young people we work with is the ultimate reward”


Youth Mentor/ Coordinator for Brotherhood

Go play

Summer of Fun with no sun!

One of our flagship services flew our flag high and wide this summer! We are immensely proud of the efforts our GoPlay team has put into ensuring our play days stay fresh and fun for both our long-term members and our newer ones.

This summer’s calendar included a national play day that celebrated pop-up play sessions and the communities they continue to impact. Although the sun was only around for around for two days this summer, our team adapted and made sure that kids in West Bromwich were provided with safe play areas.

Enter MR.UV. If you haven’t heard, he’ll probably make sure you do; say UV 3 times in front of a mirror, and that man Luke Cartmell will appear. The UV sessions proved a big hit for those indoor sessions where outside play was no longer a possibility, with Luke continuing his push to bring UV play to the masses; keep an eye out for more UV play sessions coming soon!

With over 1127 children and young people engaged throughout the summer, as well as expecting our activity range, its safe to say that this was one of our best summers yet!

“We’re starting to see families coming back out again, which is always good to see”

Luke Cartmell

Go Play 


Litter picking, boat trips down the canal and some arts & crafts with a side serving of empowerment and inspiring young girls in Sandwell. It was business as usual for our GirlsCan collective, as Tia Chan once again created an impactful summer programme.

A key focus this summer was developing both a pride of place for Sandwell as well as ensuring the girls felt that same sense of gratification within themselves. From our more intimate mentoring sessions to our trips around the local area, it was a truly inspiring summer.

“Being able to take the girls out and have the time to really understand and just talk to them was my highlight for the summer!”

Tia Chan

Youth mentor/ Coordinator Girls Can