Group of children working together in a tug of war contest

About us

At Powered By Can, we put our community first.

Not through false promises or short-term fixes, but by developing young people, as well as the worlds around them and the worlds they build.

Powering up change for young people and communities

From our time as Creative Academies Network, all the way to our current transition to Powered By Can, black country and the wider midlands region have remained at the forefront of our vision.

As we expanded and upgraded our services, we made sure no community was left behind by:

  • Championing for young people through amplifying young voices and ensuring they play a role in key decisions.
  • Building a sense of pride of place through encouraging young people to participate and involve themselves within their local community.
  • Kick starting personal and social development by providing fun and engaging arts, play and sport activities.
Powered by CAN volunteer working with children to create a cardboard house

Our Purpose

Our Vision

How we can work together to make a difference…
Through impactful community work, as well as creating opportunities in the community, we will drive forward generations of growth.


Our Mission

How we can make the change…
Powering children, young people and young adults to lead the change they want to see through the delivery of services, opportunities and experiences to contribute at every stage of their lives, for a fairer future.

Young person crouching in a red boiler suit

Our Values

We deliver our work as well as ourselves with a sense of commitment driven by our core values. These include:


We ensure that our collective care is translatable into impactful projects that create a sense of care in our young people!


Our focus, drive and enthusiasm for kickstarting positive and effective change through challenging inequality underlies everything we do.


At PBC no dream is too big, and no vision too small. Our commitment to this promise brings the ambitions of our young people to life, creating a tangible sense of belief.


Although we cannot do everything alone, we can be powered up through and by collaboration. We encourage and celebrate collaborative efforts to better all our communities!


BE CREATIVE! Being creative does not always mean artistic expression, sometimes simply finding a way is the most powerful form of creativity! So whether it’s through emphasising the power of creative freedom, or thinking of a way to solve a problem, creativity is at the heart of PBC!


Alongside collaboration, we encourage building as well as highlighting underrepresented communities through our deliveries, projects and overall strategy. With you, we can make a change and we will! 

Collection of positive phrases painted on wooden blocks by Girls CAN participants

Our Objectives

Pride of place

Although we are more connected than ever young people are becoming more and more detached from their physical communities. We will always be pushing for young people to become more involved in the projects impacting their communities, leading to a physical sense of pride!

Positive programmes and principles

We will deliver ambitious services that provide tangible paths to opportunities and valuable experiences for children, young people and young adults – with the goal of building continuous generations and..

Powering participants and people

Through ensuring the programmes provide a lasting impact with both transformational and transferable skills that build on the strengths and needs of children, young people and young adults so that they thrive and are resilient into adulthood.  

A young person in by a microphone in a recording studio as part of Powered by Can's Brotherhood project

Pushing performance and policy

To allow our youth to impact and have a say in the key decisions that affect their lives, whilst influencing policy and investment to prioritise services for children.

Playing our part!

To state our objectives without acting on it, will be working against everything we have and continue to build at PBC. We will ensure our team remains relevant, diverse, informed and ready to create impact with the same standards held by our volunteers and our board.