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Tia Chana(she/her)

Service Delivery Officer

What do your day-to-day activities involve?

Tia started her journey with Powered by CAN seven years ago as an apprentice youth worker- she is now our Radical Community Organiser & Girls Can Service Delivery Officer. Tia is responsible for organising and developing the Girls Can Project. Building positive relationships is an important part of her role as she works alongside and oversees the amazing Girls Can delivery team, connects with schools and partners, and delivers services for the young girls who participate in the project.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Through her work, Tia enjoys being able to make an impact in the community she grew up in and she values the genuine relationships and connections built through being a part of Powered by CAN. Tia also enjoys having opportunities to support, cross over and connect with the different strands of services we offer, which enables her to feel part the wider impact we make as a team.

What interests and hobbies do you have (inside and outside of work)?

A creative soul, Tia loves expressing herself through different media, particularly drawing. She is open to trying and learning new things and is fascinated by the stories and opinions of other people, whatever their similarities or differences.

Tia is involved in:

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