Physical activity, play and public health

We are huge believers in the ‘Right To Play’ campaign, and carry this through providing children and young people with a variety of free opportunities across a diverse range of sports and activities. Whether it be through football, basketball, boxing or even inflatable family fun, there is always something for children and young people to get involved with in the community!  

Building Bridges and Breaking Barriers

A key aim of programmes is to remove all barriers to access and build relationships through participation. Across our projects, we aim to provide our children with a fun outlet, whilst building lasting friendships. As they transition to young people and young adults, we will continue to provide and support them through further suitable activities. A great example of the lasting relationships built through play journeys, was Kate’s journey from being one of our GoPlay children, to a member of the GirlsCan collective!

Breaking down barriers is ironically our most constructive aspect of physical activity! Take a look at how our women’s basketball sessions provided the community with an opportunity to turn their hobby into a full-fledged passion!

More than a game…

At PBC we understand how powerful play and physical activity can be. Whilst improving physical well-being is a key part of our physical services, it is not the only focus!

We want all of our sessions to provide a safe space for all within the community to come through and enjoy, escape and express themselves.  

See how one of our lads from 360Sports earned himself a young sports person of the year award!