Mental health, well-being and resilience

We strongly believe in the power of building resilience and overall well being through proactively supporting mental health rather than at the expense of it. It can be very easy for our children to develop resilience through the difficulties they face, however we believe this reactive approach will create further barriers as they develop into young people and young adults.

Providing purpose

We offer a range of activities for children and young people to get involved in and have fun, from sports and creative play, to dance, songwriting, local heritage and much more. These activities not only provide opportunities for young people to connect with others but also develop their social skills, enable them to feel included, and promote positive mental health. By working on projects together they value each other’s contributions and feel a sense of pride in what they can do.

Mentoring and support

We ensure our youth understand the importance of mental health with the aim of dismantling any stigmas around the topic. Whether this be through our BROTHERHOOD HUB or our GIRLS CAN collective, regardless of their ethnicity, community or upbringing there will always be a voice or helping hand at PBC.

Mental health, well-being and resilience serve as the foundation across all service areas. We carry this importance through to our service delivery with each activity having an element of developing mental well-being and resiliency. One of the elements we continue to focus on, is building their confidence through giving them a sense of value on purpose. Whether this is through developing future leaders through our NEXTGEN project and amplifying their voices, or through realising creative voices; see sophie’s story of how she built her confidence through her self-written, produced and recorded song for GIRLSCAN!

Providing safe spaces for everyone

Our projects and activities provide safe spaces for young people to explore their identities and be comfortable with who they are. We want every young person who engages with us to feel good about themselves and feel at home with Powered by CAN.