Employment, education and enterprise

Our services motivate and engage young people who have experienced barriers engaging with the education system Through an understanding of the constraints and difficulties which may force young people into the NEET categories (not in employment, education or training), we support and guide them back on a path to success.  

Nurturing potential

A key issue young people are continuing to face is the feeling that it is ‘too late’. We adamantly reject this and install the youth in the black country region with a CAN-do attitude guiding them to flourish in education, employability and throughout their personal passions.

Through personal support, we nurture young people to succeed offering the right support, at the right times in their career. Backed by providing training, qualifications and opportunities that continue to allow them to succeed, no young person or young adult we engage with will ever feel it is ‘too late’.

Reinstilling confidence and retaining potential

Positive experiences of education open up further opportunities and some have gone on to explore further study at college or university. Apprenticeships and internships provide young people with workplace skills and real work experience that can be used to gain employment or help them decide on a career path. Our apprentices have become more ambitious through their work with us and have used their experience to build their future careers. These raised aspirations have been a huge source of pride for us and we love celebrating their success!

We run programmes that support young people who are interested in developing careers in the music industry, including working as performers and producers. For more about these programmes take a look at our projects M.A.D.E and Homegrown31.

Start-up and new enterprise support.

For young people who are interested in developing their own businesses, we provide start-up and new enterprise support. One-to-one mentoring support increases their ambitions and provides them with the resources and experience to develop successful enterprises.

Many of the experiences and programmes that we offer at Powered by CAN help young people develop essential employability skills such as leadership, communication skills, teamworking, interpersonal skills, presentation skills, and time management. So even whilst they are having fun with us, young people are developing themselves in really productive ways!

We also offer consultancy and training to schools and other service providers working with young people.